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Do You Have The Lunatic Gene?


WARNING! This book contains highly controversial content

Adam Shaw has written a book that will make you think profoundly and feel deeply, about what is important in your life.

Find Out The Reason Your Life Will Never Make Sense!

“You are not here to fix anyone else or be fixed. You are here to love and accept the lunacy of life exactly as it is. From this space, change occurs.”

Adam Shaw – The Heart Guy


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Here’s What Others Are Saying About The Book

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Pam Lawrence – Stress Management Therapist at

Adam Shaw’s thought provoking book “The Lunatic Gene” is written in an entertaining style while at the same time as giving a serious message about ensuring one’s heart is kept healthy.

More a recipe for living a happy and healthy life, I believe this book should be required reading for everyone – not just those recovering from heart attacks and heart disease!

Rosanne Shochot – Recruitment Specialist at

As witty, sharp, poignant and honest, this book is a gem. Adam has written an honest view on life and manages to appeal to all!


Alan Sharland – Director at CAOS Conflict Management

Mixing depressing stories of regret, from those he nursed through their last days of life, with laugh-out-loud anecdotes and one-liners from his own ‘lunatic’ life experiences he challenges the reader to consider, far in advance of their own demise, the questions many only consider on their death-beds – and find difficult to answer.

Giving us a head-start on many who die wondering what their lives could have been like “if only…” he shows how modern medicine, dealing only with the physical aspects of health, is failing to address the hugely significant role that our emotions and our mental and spiritual well-being play in having a healthy heart and how we can take responsibility for addressing these for ourselves.

I read the book in one sitting I was so gripped by what it had to say. If your heart has literally been aching then it’s time to wonder what you are doing in life, and why. The Lunatic Gene will hold those questions up to you from start to finish.
By the end your heart will already have started to answer them.

Learn To Master Your Lunatic Gene

Have you ever wondered what your future holds?

The Lunatic Gene – The Reason Your Life Will Never Make Sense, is a journey into the world of what makes people do seemingly crazy things. It also explores how you can reduce guilt and judgement in your life.

Based on the experience of Adam Shaw, The Heart Guy, who has spent over 20 years as a Wellbeing professional, he has worked with thousands of people with wellbeing challenges and serves up a very alternative view on health and wellness.

Through talking this through with those who had weeks, days, hours or even minutes to live it swiftly becomes clear that most people live their lives stuck in ruts doing things they don’t really want to do, with people they would rather not be with, for reasons they cannot properly explain or justify. This can lead to a lot of pain when imminent death becomes a reality and the wake-up call arrives – too late for people to do anything about it.

The regrets expressed by people in this state had common themes, which if they had been addressed earlier in life would have led to a happier and more purposeful life.

If you are doing this now, you probably have The Lunatic Gene. This book will explain why this may have happened, and what you can do about it.

He highlights the regrets and mistakes that consistently come up for people at the end of their lives and offers you easy steps of how you can avoid this by implementing some very simple steps, and improving your relationship with yourself.

If you wake up every day filled with joy, and happily embracing whatever life throws at you, the odds are you do not need to read this book. If, however, you don’t love your life, feel depressed or low frequently, are stuck in a job or relationship that you hate, or have even felt suicidal, then it is likely you have The Lunatic Gene. This book is not for you.

It will explain this phenomenon and what you can do to stop fighting your Lunatic Gene, and start dancing with it. You will understand by the end of this book that you are already living in a lunatic asylum. This is a guide to the early warning symptoms of serious illness, and what you can do about it.

warning-lunatic-geneThis book will help you explore:
– What is the purpose of your life?
– Are you happy?
– What makes you happy?
– Are you spending enough time with people you like?
– Are you doing things that can easily improve your life?
– What causes madness?
– Is the world a lunatic asylum?
– Is your phone set to drain your energy?

Get the book now. Discover your Lunatic Gene, learn how to embrace it – and start living a happier, fuller life! 🙂

About The Author – Adam Shaw (aka The Heart Guy)

adam-shaw-authorAt the age of seven months Adam was moved into the grounds of a Psychiaric Hospital, where his parents both lived and worked as nurses. He spent the first seventeen years of his life there, where he witnessed some shocking things. At age twenty he commenced his nurse training, gaining a first class honours degree, and worked as a nurse for over thirteen years, in three different continents.

During this time he worked in numerous settings, including Accident and Emergency and Coronary Care. His work with the dying led to a more meaningful search into what health and wellbeing really was. During this period he travelled extensively and trained in numerous fields, including Reiki, NLP, Hypnosis, Meditation, Vortex Healing and Personal Development. After working with thousands of people who faced serious health challenges, or death, he now works as an independent Wellbeing Consultant.

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